Master Jay Cruz, Martial Arts Instructor

Newtown Karate Academy

Master Jay Cruz

  • 29 Years of experience in the martial arts- Tang Soo Do, Choi Kwon Do, Muay Thai kickboxing, and Self Defense specialist
  • Awarded Master under Grandmaster Donald Drumm – Founder of the Karate Institute of America (KIA)
  • Competed and placed in over 300 divisions - Forms , Breaking , Freestyle Sparring, and Weapons
  • Top Rank National Competitor from 1990-1996:
    • International Sport Karate and Kickboxing Association (ISKA), World Karate and Kickboxing Association (WKA) and the North American Sports Karate Association (NASKA)
    • Ranked number one in the Korean Karate League
    • Bronze Medalist in the Tang Soo Do Moo Do Kwan Nationals in California
    • U.S. Open Finalist in Orlando
    • The Battle of Baltimore Finalist in Maryland
    • Fight Against Cancer Nationals Champion in Atlantic City, NJ
  • 1995 United World Muay Thai Association Full Contact Kickboxing Champion
  • Certified and Accomplished Muay Thai and MMA Instructor and competition coach
  • Child Safety and self defense expert - Bully Proof and Stranger Danger
  • Certified in the KIA child centered curriculum using child development techniques and child psychology to bring out confidence and the YES I Can Attitude in children ages 3 years old and up
  • Recognized by the CCMO for teaching culturally disadvantaged students and students with special needs
  • Master Chief Instructor and Program Director of Newtown Karate Academy

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