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Don Drumm, Martial Arts Instructor

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Kids Karate near Newtown

Don Drumm

Korean Karate Grandmaster –Tactical Self Defense Founder

8th Dan Grandmaster Instructor


  • Over 45 years experience in the Martial Arts – Tang Soo Do Korean Karate, Hapkido, Jiu-Jitsu, Tactical Self Defense
  • Personal student of Supreme Grandmaster Jae C. Shin (Chuck Norris's instructor) and two other Korean Grandmasters
  • One of the founding Charter member of the World Tang Soo Do (Korean Karate) Association - Largest Tang Soo Do Association in the world
  • Has owned and operated 12 martial arts schools where he has promoted over 2000 black belts
  • Co-founder and National Director of the Karate Institute of America (martial arts sanctioning and testing)
  • Director of the Eastern States Karate Championships (one of the largest martial arts tournaments in the country)
  • Affiliate member of East West MMA (national MMA Organization)
  • In 1991 named one of the top 40 instructor in the US by the US Martial Arts Foundation
  • Recognized by Chuck Norris for supporting "Kick Drug Out of America Foundation"
  • Charter member of the World Tang Soo Do (Korean Karate) Association, the largest Tang Soo Do Association in  the world
  • In 2015 inducted into the Korean Martial Arts Hall of Fame for being at the forefront of Kids Karate.
  • Inducted in 2011 to the Legends of Martial Arts Hall of Fame
  • Inducted in 2016 to the Philadelphia Historic Martial Arts Society Hall of Fame
  • He pioneered a children's curriculum in the 1980's that instituted the use of child psychology to adapt the training to fit kids ages 4-12. Helping parents and kids to better understand the benefits of martial arts
  • Conducted tactical self defense and anti rape seminars over the last 35 years as well as teaching women's self defense courses in a Philadelphia college.
  • US Marine Corps hand to hand combat and knife defense
  • Trained various police forces, DEA agents , security professionals
  • Director of the USA Tactical Response Academy –Professional security training, Air Marshal training, and Police tactical training in response to 9/11
  • Knife defense and Pressure point expert
  • He has mentored many school owners and instructors over the last 40 years
  • Today Grandmaster Drumm owes and teaches at Newtown Karate Academy where he continues building the self esteem and confidence of children , teens and adults


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